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Album Review: The Manics – Fruit EP

February 28, 2010

Wow, that was a quick couple of months of silence from his blog, but I was inspired by something and I had to share. I got my hands on an EP from a new band called The Manics. I didn’t know what to expect from it. I had never heard of them, but I love trying out new bands and getting pleasantly surprised. The EP is not out yet, but will be soon. It is called “Fruit” and it is not one to be missed. It starts off with the heavy title track that let’s you know right off the bat the direction of the EP and it does not disappoint. The second track, “Doll” is a great ballad that has the singer crying out in despair that he “needs to feel something real”. Not the false hope that people usually cling to.

The third track, “Ellen’s Scars” stands out to me the most. It is seemingly rooted in alternative history. Takes a little form the Pixies with soft verses and very hard choruses. The guitar solo is a lyric copy a la “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The chorus has a lot of fuzz-tone and feedback to make any “grunge” fan proud. The band took a chance with “Tell Her No”, a Zombies cover. I don’t like covers as much, but I love it when bands take chances and this is a very big chance for a few reasons. the most obvious reason is The Zombies are not that well known.  The Manics pulled it off though, and it is a great cover that has their own stamp on it.

The EP comes to a close with the softer “Stars” that has a simple chord progression a la Weezer. It doesn’t let you off the hook very easily as the EP begins, very hard and fast. “Fruit” shows a lot of range for the band and is a very good effort. I am very excited about what the band will put out in the future. There seems to be a wide range of influences that will prove beneficial in the future. The Manics seem to be well-grounded in music history which automatically makes them better than 90% of bands out there. I hope that everyone else will be as excited about them as I am. If you want to hear their first album (and you should want to), it is available here.

Here are a few pictures of The Manics:

The Manics

The Manics

The Manics


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